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Posted By on January 26, 2014

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What do you see?

Posted By on October 15, 2013


Years ago, I saw a simple tree. By no means would this simple tree be any more special than the ten’s of thousand’s of trees I’ve seen in my life. By no means would this tree be prettier; fuller; or even greener. It was a simple tree, and my simple mind couldn’t give this tree the complexity that it deserved.

Now, I have the luxury of seeing life in this once simple tree. The complexity of it reminds me of our own human existence. The tree is full of branches, sprouting here and there. Some branches are big, while some branches are small. On these branches grow beautiful leaves of different sizes and shapes. Some leaves are healthy, while some are tethering on the verge of falling away from the only existence it knew. Some are green, some are yellow. Spurts of oranges and reds, all collectively exhibiting a functionality of life.

Does this tree remind you of anything? Have you decided to remove the shades from your eyes to realize that this simple tree is just as complex as the world we live in. Does the branches remind you of our many countries or cultures? Do the random colored leaves remind you of our individuality within these countries and cultures? Sick and poor; healthy and rich. The dying falling from its existence, being replaced with new growth.

I see the world in this tree. But being a man of complexity, my imagination sometimes runs away from me. In order to keep this tree looking beautiful, something has to trim its shape, provide water and nutrients for its longevity, and even rake up the falling leaves caused by the circle of life.

Can you see it now? Do you see the complexity of this tree? Or of the man with the bag of leaves, walking away, proudly smiling about the tree in which he was in charge of nurturing?

By D.L. Thomas

What is Love? (Poetry Slam)

Posted By on September 30, 2013